Strengthen Ones Communication Ability — Hold some sort of Journal

Communication usually involves someone saying or writing something to someone else and getting a response. But, as I’m proposing keeping a journal may have a special role in communication, you may well ask’Where is this response?’ And keeping a journal must appear to become a very one-sided type of communication. Journals, however, have multiple purposes and can take many forms. And none of those is ultimately incompatible with the idea of communication. You may even find that – ultimately – keeping a journal even enhances your abilities in this skill.

Firstly, you can use your journal as a means of learning everything you really consider something. And you may then’practice’conversations there you’ll later have in daily life. About your career, for instance. In the quiet confidential space of one’s journal communication, you are able to workout the good qualities and cons of the conversation you wish to have together with your boss about your readiness for promotion.

Personal relationships are typical journal material. In your journal, for instance, you might find yourself asking why your husband has suddenly taken on responsibility for buying his secretary’s Christmas present – especially as before, Matilda’s talcum powder had always been just an extra on your own Christmas shopping list. You then employ a private opportunity to work out the clear answer your own personal question. And prepare for a conversation you know you have to have.

Sometimes it helps to learn why you’re keeping a journal. As with some other type of writing, start by defining your purpose or purposes clearly. Do you wish to dump emotion, organise a programme of self-improvement or create a source of stories and characters which will fuel your fiction writing?

Once you’ve established your clear intent in writing this journal – again, just like some other type of writing – you can then choose the proper execution best suitable for the purpose. If you wish to dump emotion, your journal could take the proper execution of a long unsent letter to the one who is generating all of this feverish need certainly to’splurge and burn’in you.

But always remember, your journal exists to give meaning to your life. You are the one who is going to be empowered by keeping it. It’s safe and private. And you are able to choose to change your purpose in keeping it and adopt different forms, once you want. Following the catharsis of the unsent letter, for instance, you may feel calm enough to itemise your calorie intake for the day. Your mood diary can become a food diary.

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