Regatta Jackets for Men

A range of Regatta jackets are available for men. Established in 1981 by a coloured family of UK, the company has since grown in number and popularity. They are the suppliers for both outdoor and indoor clothing range. The different products that are made available by them include Regatta fleece s, rucksacks, waterproof s, footwear and outdoor accessories. All in all, it is known for its wide range of s for men, women as well as children.

At present, the company is promoting men’s s that include twenty- seven diverse trends of waterproof s and fifteen casual s to protect users from the adverse weather conditions when going out for adventure sports. Regatta Jackets are available in a wide range of colours and patterns. Red, blue and black are the most popular colours used for making them.. This line of clothing also includes softshell, which can be used at home.

The casual Regatta jackets for men use different types of fleece fabrics, which also include Symmetry fleece variety. The other fleece varieties used for making them s are micro fleece, marl effect Sherpa backed fleece, marled needle out fleece, polyester interest fleece and others. The different fleece fabrics give a different look to the jackets but all the fleece have one thing in common and that is they are soft and warm from inside.

The other variety of Jackets For Men produced by this clothing line is the men’s waterproof Regatta jackets. Hydrafort and related fabrics are used to make these that protect it from wear due to rain. He s are also water- proof, keeping the inside dry even in adverse rain conditions. The hydrafort fabric is both water- proof and wind proof. Isotex fabric is breathable as well as waterproof and wind proof. In fact, Isotex is the most popular kind of fabric used to make the men’s Regatta.. Care has been taken to provide the jacket with layers for comfort.

The materials used in the making of them keep the user warm when facing the adverse UK cold and rain. They s are popular among mountain skiers, water sport lovers as well as trekkers as they provide high range of durability and stretch ability. Keeping in mind the comfort level of the users, the company uses layers of material to help the inside breathe.

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