Pain Pill Addiction Got You by the Throat? – Ready to Take You Down For the Kill? Get Off Pain Pills

Pain pill addiction, could it be overtaking your life?

Your condition with pain pills probably started off with taking just a couple of a day. But you then need more. Lots more.

It escalates until it’s choking you and ruling your life and you’ll need 10 and more a day.

You’ve probably tried to give up before, maybe gotten by way of a day or two before giving in. You try to quit and… you run into a stone wall!

If you’re like me, you keep thinking, “I am aware I’m hooked on pain pills. I have to get off! If I could just get STARTED, I could stay clean! But I can’t even start!”

I felt this way too. If I could only START, I’d be on my way and would think seriously before I threw it all away again.

But – and this is huge! – starting out is a whole lot harder than it looks.

You might be filled with grim determination – no longer pain pills for you personally! Never again! You’re fed up with your life being in the toilet. You refuse to do this anymore.

Fast forward 24 hours. You realize this is quite a horse you’ve got on your back. You almost certainly need to attend detox. What if you can’t afford it?

What do you do with one of these cravings to just get high (the hell with everything!) that won’t give you alone?

What do you do once you realize pain pills own you and (you think) there’s nothing you can certainly do about any of it? You have visions of losing everything – your job, your hard earned money, possibly even your family.

All because you didn’t know what to do in that one little instant, that little flash-in-the-pan moment when getting high meant more for your requirements than anything else.

You wanted to obtain high. You knew you shouldn’t, didn’t want to. You caved. Went and got high anyway.

That’s a serious problem. That is addiction to pain pills at its worst.

What anyone needs, whether you’re attempting to diet, attempting to quit smoking, hoping to get off pain pills — no matter what the habit is, it’s the same — you’ll need a step-by-step, paint-by-numbers plan in position so you understand exactly what to do as you walk through the very first dicey days to getting used to the weird feeling of not taking anything.

It can help tremendously if you know precisely how to deal with out-of-control cravings to take pills that can come up, before they get so strong you only can’t handle them and find yourself taking pills again.

The same as any bad habit, if you know the steps to take to overcome it, it becomes do-able. Otherwise, you’re just poking around at night, hoping that it’s all planning to work out.

Habits, even deadly ones like pain pill addiction, could be overcome. You should just know how to level the playing field and ensure it is a struggle you could win.

Learn approaches to deaden cravings, read all sorts of addiction-related self-help material, hang out in recovery forums, head to 12-step meetings, journal, map out your plan of attack in front of time. All these may greatly increase the chances of your success.

If you know exactly what to expect once you prepare yourself to give up, and if you know exactly what you can certainly do to really make the process as easy as it can certainly be, your chances to getting free are greatly improved.

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