Getting Guest Posting Business opportunities the easy Strategy

Guest blogging is now explosively popular in the year 2010. Not only do guest posts bring fresh, alternative perspectives but additionally they make life easier for the blog owner and build strong blogger-on-blogger relationships.

Finding guest posters and blogs to guest post on isn’t any easy task however. Sometimes the most effective blogs in the niche are Content marketing write for us unwilling to publish as well as look at guest post requests or it may be extremely tough to get your posts accepted because of the sheer level of other guest posts the blog owner receives.

No doubt Cathy Stucker, the Idea Lady, had this in your mind when she created Blogger LinkUp, a free of charge service for bloggers to obtain connected for guest posts. With Blogger Link Up, you can:

* Request guest blogs, specifying exactly everything you are looking for right down to the headline, needed by date and other options.
* Request sources for interviews and round-ups. Interviewing experts in your niche is just a sure-fire way to obtain recognition and good publicity for your blog.
* Offer guest posts to bloggers, specifying exactly what your post is about.
* Offer products to bloggers for reviews. A bottom marketing tactic which will assure blogosphere buzz for almost any products you could be trying to sell.

Once you have joined the Blogger LinkUp service, you will begin receiving daily emails from the service. Cathy begins each email with a hearty little bit of advice or even a short personal note and then details the most recent guest blogging opportunities. At the time of yet, I’ve connected with 4 guest bloggers through Cathy’s free service. That’s quite a lot if you think about that I’ve only made requests 2 times.

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