e-book Visitors As an alternative in order to Physical Books.


Physical Books have been around for over one thousand years – from early times when monks handwrote copies of the bible, to the invention of the printing press which allowed for mass production. Reading is currently a pleasurable pastime round the world. Could be the eBook reader the end of the physical book, and a move into the computer age – where mp3s have replaced CDS, and the net has replaced the TV. Will eBook readers see a finish to all or any printed publications?

The Options

Many people, who enjoy reading, also benefit from the physical qualities of the book itself – the feel, the smell, and the rest of the sensory experiences that come from holding a book. The eBook reader removes this sentimental experience and turns it into a technological clinical occurrence – like utilizing a computer, or your cell phone. Some individuals may like this; many individuals admire the curves and sheen of new technology. So what’re the quantifiable benefits of both types of reading?

An eBook reader can contains 1000’s of books – many people only read one book at the same time, so this could not necessarily seem like an advantage – but to students, it may mean carrying an individual item¬†david hoffmeister pdf, instead of a variety of reading material around.

Books don’t require batteries – so there’s no need to remember to charge it. However, the batteries do power a sophisticated device, which allows for backlighting and features like the ability to increase text size – perfect for many who are hard of sight, like the elderly.

Technology and water don’t mix – so an eBook reader might not be the best option if you enjoy reading at the beach, in the bath, or in a steam room.

Falling asleep with a book, will not damage it if you roll onto it in the night, but you can break an eBook reader – or at least, drain the battery.

Both physical books, and electronic readers have advantages and disadvantages, your choice, is totally up to the user.

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