Does a person Need Your LinkedIn Profile?

With so many social networking sites available nowadays and new sites being developed on a regular basis, it is often hard to understand which networking sites are worthwhile especially in aiding to discover a new job.

We’ve all been aware of Facebook and Twitter (If you haven’t where perhaps you have been hiding!)… however when it comes to job networking for me every person, no matter whether your actively seeking a fresh job or not, needs an updated LinkedIn profile.

Job hunting has changed so much in the last 5-10 years and social networking websites such as LinkedIn has enabled job seekers to touch base right to networks which previously were never an option. Even if you are still not seeking new roles, having an updated LinkedIn account certainly cannot hurt. I have never been aware of someone who missed from a work for having a LinkedIn account (How lots of people may have missed from being headhunted for devoid of a dynamic account?)

I recently worked with a young skilled migrant who had been in the process of moving from Ireland to Australia. This individual had been granted an experienced migrant visa and was now in the process of looking for employment before arriving in Australia. Being unsure of where to begin or how to start, we began by transferring his resume into a brand new LinkedIn profile highlighting areas such as his expertise, specialities, skills, awards, publications, education and past work history (all areas which are offered to fill in on a LinkedIn profile). We optimised his LinkedIn public profile and reached out to his existing contacts seeking recommendations to include further credibility to his online profile. Buy LinkedIn Accounts Online Last although not least we added an up-to-date professional picture (not an image taken at 3am on a Saturday night) and uploaded this picture onto his profile. When potential hiring managers read through your profile they wish to know that there surely is a face behind the name and adding an image to your profile humanises the profile.

Now that his account had been optimised, he was now prepared to network and touch base to new contacts through all the various professional groups that LinkedIn needs to offer. This job seeking candidate now had an enormous advantageous asset of to be able to approach people in his network and potentially open new doors which were previously closed. Rather than applying blind to a company and hoping to discover the best, he surely could strategically build relationships and at once giving himself the maximum opportunity of being identified by recruiters through his new optimised profile.

Remember one thing. The more relevant contacts you can build to your network the more exposure you must meet potential recruiters, head-hunters and employers. In the twenty first century, where social networking is booming, the LinkedIn platform can permit you to boost your unique personal brand, interact with hiring authorities and interact with other job seekers who are in the same situation as yourself.

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