Do it Yourself Solar System – Solar Power Made Easy, and Much Cheaper Too!

Ever investigated investing in a solar power system for your home? Ever searched the internet for those “do-it-yourself solar system” kits, just to discover a solar dealer that comes up with an offer that costs about $10,000, ships you the materials, and you are on your own?

That’s a daunting task even for the handiest of doing it yourself’s, as you do not receive any type plan or considerations to construct this kind of system, not to mention be cost-effective.

There are definitely somewhat to consider from the do-it-yourself standpoint before considering installing a do-it-yourself solar system.

Have you been willing to climb on your roof to set up solar panels?

Spending time on your roof is the main process of creating a solar power system. The hardest part is actually getting out of bed there. Once you can get over that, installing the solar panel is just a breeze. It can be as simple as connecting the brackets to a help beam in the roof and connecting the solar panels to the brackets.

Have you got an open view to the south on your roof for maximum solar exposure?
In order for photovoltaic cells to create the most electricity for your home, they must face the southern sky. If you have large trees blocking the way, then alternatives can be considered, such as creating a solar stand that’s an unobstructed view of the southern sky for maximum exposure.
Have you been willing to save lots of money by building your own personal solar panels?
This can be a no-brainer, as the price of creating a solar panel can be achieved for about $100, if you check around properly, and purchase bulk lots of solar cells off of the internet. panneau solaire I once found a bulk lot of 72 solar cells for about $80. That’s ample solar cells to start your do-it-yourself solar system, and this price pales when compared with the hundreds, even 1000s of dollars a manufactured panel costs.
Can you follow step by step directions and videos?In the event that you answered yes to the above questions, then you are well on the road to building your own personal solar power system for the home.

There are many do-it-yourself solar system designs available on the market today, that are designed to take the guesswork out of building solar panels, installing the solar panels, and wiring the solar panel systems into your home for a fraction of the price of purchasing ready-made solar panels, and having someone come to your house to set up them.

I made my first attempt at creating a solar panel, and it absolutely was easier than I anticipated. Once I ordered my materials (the solar cells) and picked up little parts from my local hardware store, the construction was very simple. First I measured the size and arrangement of the solar cells. From there, I got my dimensions to construct the frame to mount the solar cells. Next, the frame was actually constructed. The next step, which was the toughest (and at the same time, was still easy), was soldering the solar cells together. This was about as tricky as using a hot glue gun and building a relatively straight line. Once I got the solar cells all pieced together, I added them to the frame and secured them. Next, the solar cells were wired together, and the cover to the frame was added. Voila! A solar panel. I tested it, and it absolutely was generating the necessary wattage (18 volts) and was working fine.

All of this took me about 6 hours to do, since it absolutely was my first one, and a price around $100. This definitely didn’t take very long, and after the solar cell is connected into my house wiring, it will take maybe 8 weeks of generating electricity for the solar panel to pay for itself. Not as bad!

I was shocked, but I realized a do-it-yourself solar system is certainly within anyone’s reach, as I’m not the most “handyman” of men and women to start with. I’ll soon be building my second solar panel to add to my do-it-yourself solar system, and be on my way to building a huge dent in my own electric bill.

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