Char Broil Commercial Line Gas Grill

Char broil commercial series gas grills are entry level grills from the well known Char Broil Commercial Series Models. Normally designed with four burners and also a side burner, it is really a well-spaced gas barbecue grill that comes relatively cheap and affordable. The heat source is one of the best and works well with a rotisserie.

However, it is not suitable for a prolonged amount of grilling barbecue whilst the burners are made from thin, stainless steel that has the lifespan of approximately 3-5 years. Most replacement parts are of exactly the same quality.

The key benefit of the Char broil gas grill is its good heat source, large grills, mounted hood and individual burner temperature knobs to regulate the heat.

On one other hand, most grillers described the burners of the Charbroil commercial series gas bbq grill as consists of lightweight materials. Thus, the stainless steel parts would eventually discolor or rust. The entire percentage of the Char broil commercial series gas grill is composed largely from powder-coated steel like the 430 series.

This can be a considerably average grade of stainless steel and is prone to rust and fading. The cooking grates certainly are a medium-weight of porcelain coated cast iron, nevertheless the replacement parts are lightweight and high grade.

The Charbroil commercial series gas cooking grill features four stainless steel tube burners, and has 500 sq. inches of main cooking space for a total of 680 sq. inches of grilling area best commercial grills. The cooking experience is exceptional and fast with the grill offering a 50,000 BTU output from the key grills and 13,000 BTU from the configured extra burner under a hood mounted cover.

The Char broil commercial series gas grill comes with a electric igniter and an exclusive propane container and cover. So for people who want a portable gas grill due to their outdoor BBQ, the Char broil gas grill can be an easy choice.

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