A Course in Miracles Teaches About Wholeness

For those folks who are on a spiritual journey, we’ve been fighting the elusive ideas of separation and duality for years. We conceptualize ourselves as having been on the spiritual journey and we are moving back towards awareness of God, towards wholeness and completion. We think of salvation as in the foreseeable future; someday, if we really keep at it, salvation will come.

But, why would God place salvation in the foreseeable future? Wouldn’t the full time that you have to suffer through between the present and the near future make God cruel, a lot like the idea that Jesus died for the sins? What type of father might have his son shed his innocent blood?

God didn’t place salvation in the future.
He use it in the present. Each of salvation is offered for your requirements this very instant. There is a lot of relief with that acim podcast, but the ego can jump right inside and go: Oh, I ought to have the ability to get this now, please help me get this, I want it now.

History would not exist if you didn’t keep making exactly the same mistake in the present. The current moment is your point of power; that’s where you make decisions and that’s where you could choose salvation.

The ego causes us to go into the darkness and far from the light.

This whole world has been an effort to operate from the light into the darkness, into the fragmentation, into the duality. No body wants to ask a sincere question because he is afraid to listen to the answer. What we are learning is that the Holy Spirit may be the answer. Into this darkened mind that believes so it separated from God, God placed an interest of light that’s the Holy Spirit. That light will grow and grow until it literally illuminates the complete mind. But the mind is very afraid of it.

The ego is just a belief in the mind that projects out the world. Now would God have placed the clear answer where the issue is not? Would God have placed the clear answer on earth if the issue is in your head? No, God placed the clear answer right where the situation was. The clear answer is within our mind; the Holy Spirit and the situation come in the mind. The belief in separation is in the mind. This world is a smoking screen, a huge distractive device that keeps you from going down into the mind and questioning all the assumptions and beliefs.

In Heaven the mind is just a state of oneness, completion and wholeness. When the split is in the mind, it’s very uncomfortable and intolerable. Which means mind projects it out into the world. Each of an immediate the smoke screen became a “real world” of duality.

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