What makes Anime Famous?

What is it that produces Japanese animation popular, not just to the young but to adults as well? I remember many years ago when I was a freshmen and sophomore in university I was addicted to the Japanese anime “Dragon Ball Z “.In fact, it even gave the famous American cartoon “The Simpsons” a run for the profit my book.

What I find odd is that “Dragon Ball Z” has about 39 episodes per season but when you wish to write an overview of the entire season you can do so in more or less one paragraph. And I am talking about you could add all the meat of the entire season into just that certain paragraph. Listed here is basically what I mean…

Episode 1-10ish: Bad guy arrives and starts terrorizing the fictional planet. Minor super heroes fight the villain and lose (perhaps one even dies). Main hero who was conveniently incapable of combat said villain for whatever reason finally arrives for the greatest showdown. Episode 10ish – 38: Half of the time verbal fists are now being thrown between said hero and villain while one other half would go to physical fists. Sprinkle in certain dialogue from the minor heroes like, “Wow! He’s at full power!”, and you have yourself about 600 minutes. Episode 38 ending: Hero kills villain. Episode 39: Everyone is happy and life returns to normal.

And there I was, within my late teens, with my eyes glued to the television. I even knew nothing worth focusing on was going to happen for approximately 25 episodes but there I sat unable and unwilling to move. “Dragon Ball Z”, which aired in Japan from 1989 – 1996 did not first air in America until 1996. By the time I began watching this anime it was already 10 years old. free watch anime online And this period of time for an animated series is a long time in comparison with the brand new techniques and styles of animated characters. But “Dragon Ball Z” was at the the surface of the charts for an animation series for the duration in America.

So back once again to the original question, why is Japanese animation so popular? It might be this humble author’s opinion but I would have to say the action, and to a further extent the deadly violence. As a perfect example “The Simpsons” being probably the most popular America cartoon is just a comedy based cartoon. In fact a lot of the newer American cartoons are based on comedy or to some extent mystery (Yes, Scooby Doo, I am looking at you).

In the 1980’s America had its share of action cartoons like “Transformers”, “Thunder Cats” and “He-Man” but as the conclusion of the 80’s came so did a lot of the American action cartoons. And with the release of the truly amazing “Akira” on video in 1990 and the next mind-blowing action/gore that was included with it, most American cartoon lovers immediately turned their eyes to Japan. The movie stuck its “geta” in the entranceway and made the debut for Japanese animation in the west.

In the 1990’s newer American cartoons such as for instance “Batman” and “Superman” came out and were enjoyed by most American action cartoon lovers, but with only these few American cartoons there left plenty of time for other action animation from Japan to fill the gap. With the amount of older Japanese anime being translated alongside Japan’s fresh anime, there’s quite a bit of the Japanese component in the western market. So, this author’s opinion is that Japanese anime happened in the future along to the west at just the right time, and now that it’s here it won’t be leaving anytime soon. S.B.

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