Why Denture Implants Are Better Than Conventional Dentures

It’s a well-known undeniable fact that regular adhesive dentures have now been employed for years by countless Americans. Exactly like electrical technology, teeth implant technology has greatly increased and has made some huge strides over the last few years. If you are wondering why denture implants are much better than conventional dentures than you need to read this!

With the implant advancement in recent years, you will find two standardized denture implant methods. The very first is the regular method which consists of a dentist or surgeon installing screws into underneath jaw bone and the most effective gum distinct your mouth. Don’t be concerned about this process as it is normally completed within 60 minutes and has a very short recovery time. The screws are also not like the screws you use in your house but are very smooth and tiny in diameter. They are usually made from a metal alloy material and the sole part the protrudes through the gum line is a rounded ball shape that is about how big a tooth.

The cause of this shape of the screw tip is so the dentures can snap into place within the ball bearing. This allows for extremely sturdy denture installation so the previous problems of denture sliding and popping out of place are completely eliminated. Denture Implant The 2nd form of denture implants is called mini implants. This just implies that the screw size diameter is approximately how big a regular toothpick. As opposed to installing two on each gum line, they install 3-4 on each gum line. Some people prefer this as it is slightly lighter in weight compared to regular denture implants. Each method is extremely effective and works great.

That is undoubtedly the largest reasons why denture implant surpasses conventional adhesive dentures. Denture implants do NOT slide around and you can literally eat anything you want without worrying all about the dentures moving or snapping out of place. Removing the dentures is easy as you only snap them off of the screwball bearings and then clean your dentures with ease.

The biggest problem with regular dentures could be the sliding and movement. It’s extremely noticeable when someone with adhesive dentures is speaking with you and you will see their teeth moving around. Eating can also be greatly impaired by these older kinds of dentures. Denture implants give you a great smile and offer you usable workable teeth to breakdown hard foods and improve not just your confidence but your overall health.

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